community of Hope


community of Hope

Joe’s is more than a coffee shop, it is a community.

Many who “hang out” at Joe’s are committed to doing life together, walking together and serving the surrounding community.

At Joe's we believe that it's much easier to be good when you're hanging out with other people who are trying to be good. All of us are broken in various ways. We carry with us the pains of our past, addictions and struggles, as well as our joys, our hopes and our dreams. Many who frequent Joe's are experiencing homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse problems and the basic struggle to pay the utility bills. We have found that life is better when we do it together. Here are some of the ways we do it:

  • Open coffee shop hours provide a safe, climate comfortable location to drink coffee, eat a sandwich, play cards, chat with other life journeyers or sit in a corner and read a book.

  • Regulars at Joe's often do chores around the place and are paid in a free meal.

  • Our Free Store (described below) is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am-2pm for those who share “stuff.”

  • Special Events from free clinics to Thanksgiving Dinner happen throughout the year.

  • Joe's hosts a Community Garden where neighbors can help grow vegetables and can share in the harvest each year.

  • Church happens  in Joe’s on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, for those who’d like to learn more about living the Way of Jesus—learning to “love one another” and we do our best to practice his teachings all through the week.


get involved

Want to participate in the Joe’s Addiction Community in the little city of Valley Brook? Here's how:

get involved

Want to participate in the Joe’s Addiction Community in the little city of Valley Brook? Here's how:

volunteers needed for:

  • Baristas: If you'd like to learn how to pull espresso shots, make an expert latte, put together a tasty croissant sandwich and hang out with people who are learning to follow the Way of Jesus, we'll train you! 
  • Skills: If you have skills that you would like to share (from fixing things, to plumbing, to accounting, to house cleaning, to you name it), we can probably put you to work alongside someone who both needs the help and wants to learn.


  • FOOD!! Nonperishable food items always needed! We also welcome any meals you want to bring by to feed the community. We hope that you'll stay, eat with us and get to know us!
  • Household items for our Free Store (anything that you would give to the Good Will—not junk). See the description of the Free Store below.
  • Home Depot Gift Cards (we may have the skill to repair stuff, but not the money to buy the supplies.)

The Free Store

The Free Store

Nice people started bringing us stuff
—stuff they thought that poor people might need.

We had no way to connect the stuff with the specific person who needed it, so a pile began to grow in the corner. One day one of our community leaders at Joe’s asked the question, “What are we gonna do with all that stuff?” and we started to dream. Someone said, “We could open a thrift store.” Then another said, “But didn’t Jesus say, “Give to those who ask of you, not sell to those who ask of you?” And The Free Store was born. More than a “handout” to poor people, The Free Store has become a form of recycling for the people who live in the Valley Brook neighborhood—a way to defect from the capitalistic economic system that oppresses both the rich and the poor. People bring in things they don’t need anymore and exchange them for the things they do need. The Free Store has become a platform for us to SHARE—a lesson we learned in kindergarten!

 “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” 

Donations for the Free Store can be brought to Joe’s Addiction anytime the coffee house is open.
The Free Store is open for shopping on Fridays and Saturdays 9am-2pm. 

Joe's Addiction
1806 SE 59th St.
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Joe's Staff

there is no program. there are only people.

Joe's Staff

there is no program. there are only people.


Our Team

The amazing people that make it all work


Paulette — Barista and Servant to All

Paulette came to Joe’s Addiction on a Wednesday morning and found the coffee shop closed. She was upset. She needed her coffee! She called up one of our managers and asked why the shop was closed. He told her, “We don’t have a volunteer for Wednesday morning.” After she grunted and groaned her frustration, he then asked her, “Paulette, would you like to volunteer for the Wednesday morning shift?” That began Paulette’s service at Joe’s—six years ago. Paulette now serves in many capacities, as a barista, helping with the Free Store, overseeing the Community Garden, organizing Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Store events, mentoring women in our community, keeping people from sitting on the coffee table or putting their feet in the seats. We try to give Paulette breaks, but she tends to show up anyway. Joe’s Addiction’s community has become Paulette’s life, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her commitment and her love. 


Judy-Free Store

When we first met Judy, she was shy, shy, shy. Suffering from severe social anxiety, Judy could not speak to many of us or even look us in the eye, but she dared to continue coming to Joe’s for coffee and little bits of friendship. Over the years, we have watched Judy go from ducking and hiding to laughing out loud and teasing other community members. Judy now runs our Free Store, where she manages the volunteers who carry and sort the stuff. She makes the place lovely and reaches out to people from the community who come in looking for things they need. Judy wins the award for “best dressed” in our community. When you run the Free Store, you get first pick of the coolest clothes—of course!


Chris — Manager of Joe’s Addiction/Men’s Outreach

Chris walked through the doors of Joe’s Addiction one cold December night six years ago. He had destroyed his life through some really bad decisions and came to Joe’s looking to use the free Wi-fi to apply for jobs online. He needed to start over and rebuild. Chris attributes the welcome he received that night, and every day after, as the foundation for the life of service he now lives. Chris serves as manager of many of the business aspects of Joe’s Addiction—basically that means all the stuff Jamie sucks at doing! He loves to share his story of redemption with anyone who will listen, in the hopes that he might inspire others to receive forgiveness and a chance at love and freedom. Chris is known for his wry sense of humor and his joy for eclectic music. He plays the hand drums on Sundays, and he’ll bend your ear with his latest political musings, if you’ll give him half a chance!


Chris - Barista

Chris is a firefighter by day and a barista by night. Wait, no. Not really by day and night. But he really is like a superhero. Although rescuing people from burning buildings might qualify him for superhero status, we think he is actually the superhero barista. Chris serves lattes and sandwiches, pranks and jokes. His kind teasing puts everyone at ease and makes each person feel noticed and appreciated. The men of our community look forward to Chris’ shift and make sure they are there when he is. We all love working after Chris has served, because he also likes to clean! He sees the dirt that others of us don’t notice, until he has made it vanish. Superhero powers. Shhh.


Glen — Coffee Roaster

Glen has been our coffee roaster for the last year or so. He came to Joe’s when he was living in his car. Glen spent some time in prison, and you might know that getting back on your feet after a stint on the inside is pretty difficult. He got a job moving pallets one at a time. It’s pretty rough on a body doing that kind of work. He showed up faithfully every night, worked hard and he got promoted to driving the forklift! The deep canyon of court costs and fines has kept him living in his car, but Glen has become a valuable member of our community at Joe’s. He is kind and considerate. Always looking out for the other. He thinks our Frozen Mudslide makes EVERYTHING better, and he roasts a smooth Paradise Blend. Enjoy coffee by the pound from our website or come get a bottomless cup and hang out with the folks a while.


Rachel- Barista

Rachel is married to Chris and sometimes they serve their shifts together and bring their four beautiful children. When their family is here, the joy in the room is palpable. Rachel actually considers the shifts that she serves without Chris as “alone time.” Imagine that. She says coming to Joe’s provides adult interaction and conversation that she misses raising four little ones. Rachel is known as the kind one by all in our Joe’s Community. She always has a smile and a listening ear. She sometimes brings homemade food for anyone who is hungry, and she bakes chocolate chip cookies that would blow your socks right off!

Mikala - Barista

Mikala came to Joe’s three years ago with her mom. Life at home was challenging for lots of reasons. She and her mom lived in our House of Hope for a few months, and we got to know Mikala more and more. She was quiet, rarely voiced an opinion and often shrugged her shoulders when asked what she thought. In the last year, we have seen Mikala grow in confidence. She’s really smart and knows lots of things, and come to find out, she has some pretty strong convictions, dreams and ambitions. Mikala is an extremely diligent worker and covers several shifts as a barista. She oversees church set up on Saturday afternoons and makes a tasty vanilla latte, topped off with some beautiful latte art. She is learning to drive, so watch out world. Here she comes!


Matthew - Barista

Matt was a shy guy when he started hanging around Joe’s Addiction. He didn’t talk much and often “froze up” when he tried. But he kept coming back. And we kept talking to him. He got more and more comfortable with us and finally asked if he could be a barista. He has learned to pull espresso, blend frozen drinks, put together pretty croissant sandwiches and to make sure “the customer is always right.” Sometimes it seems like he has eyes in the back of his head, noticing when someone needs help. He is always quick to jump up and carry groceries or donations for the Free Store, answer the phone, or watch the store when Jamie has to run somewhere. Matt’s smile lights up his face and will light up your heart if you let it!


Jewel - Barista

If she wasn’t such a tiny person, you might not guess that Jewel is only fourteen. She has spent her whole life at Joe’s Addiction. Well, we opened ten years ago, so she was four. She has grown up drinking Joe’s Masala Chai—which tastes just like what she drank on her visit to India—and she has been part of the Joe’s Community from the beginning. She not only works the counter, pulling espresso and making fancy meals; everyone knows that she can pretty much run the place. She loves the people well by serving meals to those who are hungry, cleaning up after ones who leave a mess, playing Skipbo with the regulars, and teaching the toddlers during Sunday church. She can hold her own in any debate and wears the coolest eye makeup of any of us! 


Tim - Barista

Tim is a university professor with all those letters behind his name. He is a biblical language scholar and a gifted teacher. (He taught Jamie’s New Testament Greek class 20+ years ago and made it understandable for the simple minded!) Tim serves as a barista once a week and has provided a much needed break for our other volunteers. He plays cards with the folks and deeply cares for those who are struggling with addiction. Tim says serving at Joe’s gets him out of his “ivory tower” and gives him an opportunity to love people he might not otherwise know. We are so grateful to have his service and his love in our community!


Joe's addiction

a community of hope

Joe's addiction

a community of hope



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