Moving & building

The move is on! We have a ten to twenty year lease on this new location across the street from where we have been since 2006! We could not be more excited about the potential to help more people!

What We Need

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The New Building

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Story of the leasing of a new building!

Three years ago, the Town of Valley Brook purchased our building with the intention of tearing it down and building something new, something that will invite new small businesses to bring more tax income into the town. We grieved, but then moved to excitement as we found a nearby building and began to dream. But then we lost the new building due to neighboring businesses’ complaints about “those kind of people” being too near and visible. 

The Town of Valley Brook has graciously allowed us to stay in our old building on a month to month basis, while they came up with funding for their plan. We understood there would come a time when the wrecking ball would arrive. We have been so grateful for the unexpected three more years in this building. However, in the meantime the building has literally begun to fall down around our ears.

Last week, the rains began pouring through our ceiling. Nine buckets in the coffee shop space collected waterfalls. I knew the time had come for us to move. I asked you guys to pray for us. I knew of three options to consider and the next morning I prayed that I could get clarity quick. By the end of the day, two of the options were an obvious “No.”

The third option was a building across the street from us. It is a 40’ x 80’ red, metal frame building on two acres of land. Previously the real estate sign said, “For Sale.” The owner wanted $395k. I know “nothing is impossible for God,” but I had put out feelers and that kind of money was not forthcoming, nor was the faith to believe for it. 

A man I’d never met before came into Joe’s that afternoon. As usual, I asked how he was doing, and he began unloading a story of terrible suffering he has experienced the last few months. I listened and gave him my apologies for all the pain. (This is most of what I do every day.) Then I offered him some hot soup. He started asking about what we do and expressing concern about the nine buckets. I explained to him that we were going to need to move, but that I had no idea where. He stroked his chin and spoke very slowly, “I think you guys need a metal building. Like a big red barn.” 

I asked him, “You mean like that one?” and pointed across the street, where the real estate sign now posted a “For Lease” option. I picked up the phone.

Now, this building is just a big empty box. If we were to get it, it would mean that we will need to build out the whole inside. Walls. Plumbing. Electrical. Heating and air. Would the landlord even allow us to do it, and could we get a long-enough-term lease that such a financial investment would be worth it? I again asked you guys to pray for us.

John and I met at the building with the owners, our real estate agent, and theirs. I decided just to lay it all out, to tell the owner who we are, what we do, everything we are dreaming of doing with this building, and see what she thought. 

Coffee shop space, commercial kitchen, laundry facilities, classroom, Free Store, community meals—all for serving the Valley Brook neighborhood and people who are living outside. I told her I believe that God has given us this vision.

When I finished, she said, “We have been asking God to bring the right people to use our building. We had no bites. No interest whatsoever. Until just last week. Multiple people called, some interested in leasing, some interested in buying. We thought we’d just take the first one who called and see where it went. You were first, so we agreed to meet with you.” Then she said, “Honestly, all the other people who are interested want to use the building for marijuana business. We would so much rather you use it for Joe’s Addiction.” Then she stuck out her hand to shake mine and I lost it.

Oh my goodness, people! Last week, one of the pieces The Muse brought to me was a text from a friend who sends me a “verse of the day.” It said, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick. but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Prov. 13:12 

Our little community has been feeling sick. We have been dreaming of being able to do so much more, and believing God to give us a new space for three years now. Our hope was waning and we were tired. But in that text I also felt excitement, a sense of knowing that it was time, and that our longing is going to become an even more fruitful tree of life to our neighborhood.

After all the questions were asked and agreements made, standing in that big, red metal building, the owner said, “I think we should pray.” We held hands—the owner, both real estate agents, John and me—and with tears pouring down our faces, we dedicated the building for the use of spreading God’s Love in the Town of Valley Brook. 

We did a crazy thing! A dear woman in Kansas handed me a $7000 check this last spring and said, “This is for your new building. I know it’s not near enough, but this is seed money. I believe God will bring the rest when you need it.” Her gift will cover the first and last month’s rent and deposits. That is ALL we have. I know. We did a crazy thing. But we have been here before, and we know the territory. The signs of God’s activity are all over this thing. An old friend years ago told me that faith is spelled RISK.

So . . . this is where you come in. We need money. Soon we will have a budget for our plan, but up front I can tell you we are going to need BIG money.